Frequently Asked Questions

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8am to 7pm Monday thru Friday, and Saturday - Sunday special hours by request. Our current service area includes most of King County Washington (see service area).
Each session is for a maximum of 30 minutes per dog. Session times can be shorter with group sessions.
Do not feed your dog at least 1 hour prior to their session, 2 is preferred. We will call or text you when we are on our way to your location. Take your dog out for a potty break shortly after we contact you for your session.
No more than once per week. Weekly dog runs around the same time will help your dog physically and mentally as they will know when they should be working out. You should schedule your dog’s workout routines by how they react to the workouts and schedule accordingly.
Yes, but only if the dogs live together or are pre-approved neighbors/friends. Dogs that know each other can run together, but otherwise the session is private.
You will have a private 30-minute session.
You should plan to contact us or book several days in advance; same day appointments can be hard to accommodate. Appointments are for 30-minutes, please feed your dog at least 1-hour prior to their session, 2-hours is preferred. Prior to your first session you will need to sign an electronic liability form. You will receive confirmation of your appointment the day prior and a text from us when we are on your way to your scheduled appointment. Make sure to provide your dog with a potty break prior to our arrival. If you have a harness that you prefer, please put it on, if not we will provide one for safety and comfort. When we arrive, bring your dog out to our mobile dog run gym. If you have any issues bringing your dog outside, please let us know.
Personalized attention on your dog to provide safety and encouragement. Our goal is to provide your dog with the best workout possible, like us, each day can be different from the next. We are there to monitor your dog’s safety and to customize each run for their needs. Your dog controls the speed of our self-propelled treadmills, and we will encourage your dogs to move, they do the work. Think of this as a fun run, feel free to bring your dog’s favorite "squeak" toy. You are welcome to help or watch the entire time. We will stop your dog for water as they may need. If your dog just wants to run, we will stop them at regular breaks to monitor their health and safety.
You can expect your dog to be tired. They may be stretched out panting on the floor for a good period of time after their session. You should wait until they are relaxed and calmed down prior to feeding. You dog may also have extra energy after their session, they just had a good dose of endorphins and like you and I during a workout, they break their wind at different intervals. If you dog is a little older and not in great condition, a massage of their hind legs will help release lactic acid and prevent soreness. If you don’t have your next session scheduled, you can schedule the same way, if you have pre-purchased session call or email us to schedule your next appointment. You should expect a follow-up after your dog’s first session.
Each dog has a different learning curve, it is typically about 5-minutes for them to feel stable and be able to move on their own. Once your dog feels comfortable on the treadmill and their confidence grows, they begin to move better. Our treadmills have no motors, they are self-propelled by the dogs, and we are there to monitor them for their safety. As their confidence grows so does the speed that they move at. This is a fun, happy run for all! If you have any special notes about your dogs, please let us know so we can accommodate to the best of our ability.
Yes, unless your dog is part of a dog group (dog day care or a neighbor is watching). We do require a person to be there for the beginning of the session and at the conclusion of the session.
We accept cash, check, credit card. For all pre-scheduled appointments, payment is due at time of scheduling. For pop-up appointments payment is done prior to the session. For group events, payment can be arranged with the business or group for that session time. Payment will still be required prior to that group session.
Clear all physical activity with your veterinarian. Your dog must be between 10 and 150 pounds, at least 4-months old and be up to date on all vaccinations. We work with a variety of different physical and mental concerns with your dogs; anxious, scared, stubborn, overweight, needing physical therapy. Please let us know what your dog needs and we will try our best to accommodate.
Cancellations less than 24 hours before the appointment will be charged $25. No-call or no-shows will be charged full price.