About Us

Why we started this business

We are dog lovers, dog owners, dog wranglers. We love our community and would like to help make dogs happy and healthy with this amazing workout brought right to your door. We love walking and playing with our dogs. We take our dogs for walks, hikes and play with them every day, but sometimes our dogs need more.

Living in the Pacific Northwest it rains most of the year. For those that wish to avoid those rain drops and still exercise your dogs, give us a call to schedule an appointment or place your order online.

Our mobile dog running service comes to you. We drive to your location and all you do is "release the hounds" outside to our van and let your dog(s) get the mental and physical workout. We will be with them the entire time to ensure their safety while motivating them to move through cheering and encouragement. Once they feel comfortable on the treadmills, they can run full speed.

Your pups will love it and so will you!

Squeaks Mobile Dog Run